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Cutting Edge Fencing Kingston, a community program of the Royal Military College of Canada Fencing Program, is located in Kingston, Ontario. Founded in 2003, the initial focus of the club was on the development of a youth epee and sabre program for the Kingston area, and as a result Cutting Edge Fencing Kingston has quickly become one of the strongest competitive youth programs in Ontario, enjoying success at every provincial tournament. We have a large number of provincial champions and medallists in our epee and sabre training groups, Leonora Mackinnon represented Canada at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, and four of our athletes have represented Canada at various World Championships. Our facility is dedicated to the sport of fencing. It is the best-equipped and largest full-time fencing salle in the region and one of the top fencing facilities in the country. There is even a viewing area on the second floor that overlooks the fencing area, so parents can sit back and watch their children, or relax & chat with other parents. The coaching staff at Cutting Edge is the highest qualified in the region, including two fully certified fencing masters, including David Howes, who was a member of the coaching staff at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, and a number of assistant intructors. We are dedicated to providing the best coaching for our fencers in a safe, friendly & fun environment. Cutting Edge Fencing has also been designated as a Regional Community Development Centre by the Ontario Fencing Association. As a result, we are happy to offer school outreach programs either at our facility or at your school. Learn more...

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Fencing is an exciting & dynamic sport that requires athletes who possess good coordination, balance and timing. Competitive fencing builds skills in problem solving, and goal-setting while providing a unique challenge for young athletes.